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CASCA & SANA Solidarit(i)és 2016

Solidarit(i)és Conference Organizers:
Liz Fitting  & Lindsay DuBois

Local Organizing Committee:
Laura Eramian
Liesl Gambold (Media Contact)
Pauline Gardiner Barber
Brian Noble
Martha Radice
Jason WM Ellsworth (Webmaster & Volunteer Coordinator)

Susan Falls

Karli Whitmore

UntitledLogo Design by Willian Nassu
Rationale: The Casca & Sana 2016 logo explores the idea of plurality in the context of solidarities. The tiles represent the unities and boundaries, whether physical, territorial, political and/or social. Within them we have distinct actors and how they relate with each other, sometimes crossing the boundaries, being delimited by them, creating alliances, deepening divisions.
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