Local Transport

Main conference location is the McCain Building 6135 University Ave.

From the Airport:
Driver Dave’s

The Halifax airport is located 35 km outside of the city and as such, taxis charge between $63 and $67. Driver Dave’s offers much better rates by grouping bookings together and using our fleet of SUV’s and vans to transport our customers door-to-door.  We charge $35 per person, $25 per person if you book as a pair and $20 per person when the booking is made as a group of 3 or more. For CASCA/SANA 2016, we will do the organizing for you. Simply book your round-trip transport needs online by clicking here and enter the code CASCA. With conference participants flying in from all over, we’ll group any together from flights landing within 20 minutes of each other. By doing so, we can ensure you only pay $20 without having to know the other participants that you are sharing with. In the event that there is only 1 or 2 conference participants that arrive at once, our regular prices will apply. Please note, that customers who are not involved with the conference are not included in this arrangement. We expect to be able to group the vast majority of you. For the exceptions, you will still be paying far less than a taxi. We look forward to serving you. To book go to: http://driverdaves.com/booking (Promo Code: CASCA)

Other Local:

Yellow Cab:  +1-902-420-0000

Halifax Transit: http://www.halifax.ca/transit/schedules/

For local transportation we recommend checking out the Destination Halifax Local Transportation page: