Scotiabank Auditorium
Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building, Dalhousie University
Friday May 13

Ecologies of Evidence: building solidarities to speak trust to power Janice.jpg
Janice Graham (Dalhousie University)

What counts as acceptable and appropriate evidence in science and society? Whose version of truth matters in the compilation of evidence? As the collectors and purveyors of local knowledge, anthropologists attend to the logics and added value of multiple forms of expertise and types of knowledge. In this presentation, I reflect on how an engaged four-field anthropology builds circuits to realize ecologies of evidence and systems to counter the risk in trust. But how do we get policymaker elites to listen and value the evidence of a cosmopolitical parliament of constituents?

Introductory remarks by Michel Bouchard, CASCA president, and Jim Waldram

*Weaver-Tremblay Award Reception to follow lecture