Women’s Network Invited Panel

Women’s and Girls’ Solidarities

Organiser and Chair: Martha Radice, Dalhousie University

For the past few years, the CASCA Women’s Network has invited feminist scholars who are based in the conference host city, but who are not anthropologists, to present aspects of their research and/or pedagogy. This year, we welcome three professors working with women or girls in various communities – Mi’kmaq, Inuit, Trans*, Immigrant, Jewish, African Nova-Scotian – whose research projects take embodied, place-based and innovative approaches to standing in solidarity with women and girls.

  • Diana Lewis, Sociology, Dalhousie University – Mi’kmaq Women: Mobilized and Empowered
  • Ingrid Waldron, Nursing, Dalhousie University – Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: Narratives of Erasure, Violence, Trauma and Resistance in the Lives of Racialized and Indigenous Women
  • Marnina Gonick, Education/Women’s Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University – ‘Voices in Longitude and Latitude’: Musings on the Intersection of Art and Ethnography

Our discussant is Tina Lee, an anthropologist at University of Wisconsin-Stout and current treasurer of SANA.

Presentations will be in English, but audience questions and comments can be made in French and translated by the Chair.